Non-invasive Glucose Monitoring Watch


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DynasynQ is equipped with non-invasive glucose, CGM and deep ECG detection, covering blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate, respiration rate and other detecting functions. It is committed to becoming your smart health partner.

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Non-invasive Glucose Monitoring Watch


With the highlight of a built-in infrared thermometer and in-depth electrocardiograms, DynasynQ also offers blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, respiratory rate, and other essential health data monitoring. DynasynQ‘s mission is to become not only your smart healthcare provider but a lifetime Health-Pal.

Innovation For Humanity

Non-invasive Glucose Detection

Zero trauma, zero consumables, zero infection

24-hour Non-invasive Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Glucose changes are clear at a glance

Deep ECG Recording

Deep ECG recording, understand your heart better

Blood Oxygen and Blood Pressure Test

Easily obtain health data and keep track of your body status

Blood Pressure Training

Periodic antihypertensive training can increase lung capacity and oxygen content in the blood, supply more adequate oxygen to the various organs of the human body, and improve the function and metabolic state of the organs,  It can also relax people's mood and emotions, eliminate the exhausted state of the human body, improve immunity, relax the mind and feel comfortable.

* This feature requires calibration with an invasive or minimally invasive blood glucose meter.
* This product is a non-medical device, all measurement data is used for scientific research and cannot be used for medical diagnosis.

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What measuring principle(s) are used to measure glucose in this watch?

The principles used for DynasynQ non-invasive glucose measurement are near-infrared spectroscopy absorption combined with dynamic metabolic heat models and AI algorithms. Health data is obtained from the watch’s sensors and uploaded to the AI platform for establishing a personalized model, and glucose concentration is calculated using multiple algorithms. Near-infrared light in a specific wavelength band is correlated with glucose. Multiple sets of different wavelength bands of near-infrared light are used to detect capillaries in the fingers and collect glucose-related information to calculate glucose values.

What is the relationship between the personal body data inputted during the establishment of personalized model and the measurement results?

If the health data inputted during the establishment of a personalized model are incorrect, the model will deviate from the actual situation and affect the measurement results.

How do you optimize a personalized data model?

Click on the "Record Invasive Value" at the bottom of the result page after glucose measurement on the watch and enter the invasive glucose value at that time to optimize the model.

Will injecting insulin during the establishment of a personalized data model affect the model?

During calibration, it is necessary to maintain consistent medication habits with daily life, and follow the time and dosage of insulin injection or hypoglycemic drugs. If insulin is injected after calibration instead of during calibration, it will lead to deviation in the personalized data model.

Why is invasive blood glucose calibration necessary?

DynasynQ non-invasive glucose monitoring watch uses near-infrared spectroscopy absorption combined with dynamic metabolic heat models. Since everyone's fingertip skin color, keratin layer thickness, and metabolic base are different, invasive glucose values are required to establish a personalized data model based on optical signals, and reduce the impact of differences in personal physique through signal processing and artificial intelligence algorithms, to make non-invasive glucose detection results closer to the actual situation.

I usually only eat two meals a day and skip breakfast. How can I do the 7 times glucose calibration?

Even if you skip breakfast, follow the instructions on the app and do the calibration before breakfast when you wake up in the morning on an empty stomach. Then click “Do the calibration” one hour later. You can skip meals during this period.

Will having afternoon tea during glucose calibration affect the glucose model?

Having afternoon tea or any extra meal during glucose calibration will cause deviation in the personalized data model. It is recommended to maintain daily dietary habits during calibration to ensure that the model is closer to the actual situation. If you add an extra meal during normal measurement after calibration, you need to choose the time of the most recent meal as the meal time.

Can the measured result be used as a basis for medication or insulin injection?

Please note that the data measured by this product cannot be used for medical diagnosis or medication guidance. The data is only used for glucose management in daily life, including diet and exercise.

Are the values detected by the watch calculated or collected by metabolic spectroscopy?

The main measurement principle of the watch is based on the optical sensors on the watch to collect optical signals related to glucose and other body parameters. After processing the signals using AI algorithms, non-invasive glucose values are calculated based on the user's personal body data model.

Why are there different glucose values when choosing different meal times at the same time?

One of the principles of DynasynQ non-invasive glucose measurement is based on metabolic heat integration. After a meal, the body enters a state of rapid metabolism, and the absorption of food produces heat and changes glucose levels. Therefore, the meal time is a very important calculation parameter during measurement. Choosing the correct meal time can ensure correct data calculation.

When selecting the most recent meal time for measurement, sometimes I cannot remember it. What should I do?

It is recommended to use the diet recording function on our app to record your meal time, portion, and food type consumed.