Health Care Equipment

There are quite a number of long-term bedridden or disabled elders living in the nursing homes, requiring special care from caregivers. Meanwhile, caregivers may suffer from both physical and psychological burdens when they transfer the bedridden / disabled patients. Facing a long-term manpower shortage, adopting gerontechnology products will be an effective way to lower the stress of the aged-care industry.

Robotic Care Bed/Wheelchair and SASUKE Robohelper can assist the transfer of bedridden or disabled patients. They are able to reduce care workers’ workload and provide a higher quality of care to the bedridden / disabled patients. Besides, Exoskeleton Muscle Suit can protect the lower limbs and lumbar spine of care workers, avoiding repetitive strain injury.

Wellness Nordic Relax Chair is adopted in several occidental countries, aiming to relieve users’ tension through its rocking and music therapy.

  • Panasonic Robotic Care Bed/ Wheelchair XPN-S10601HK
  • Sasuke Robohelper RS1-12Y-B2
  • INNOPHYS Muscle Suit
  • Wellness Nordic Relax Chair
  • Daily Care Equipment
  • Lightweight Wheelchair

Practical Application:

Bathroom Equipment

Care workers spend a significant time for elders’ toileting and showering every day, which are important tasks to elderly hostels.

The humid environment in bathroom may cause slippery floor accidents easily. The bathroom equipments can assist the toileting and showering process, ensuring the safety of the elders and empowering them to take care of themselves, thereby improving their living quality.

For showering, the Rotatory Shower Chair supports 360 degree rotation. The care workers can simply press the lever to rotate the direction of the seat, making the shower process for elders more convenient. With antimicrobial processing, the growth of mildew inside the chair’s cushion can be blocked, providing a hygienic condition to users.

For toileting, Electronic Toilet Seats can alleviate the cleaning workload for care workers after elders’ toilet use.

  • Toilet seat heating, instant heat water supply for cleaning
  • Remote Control for toilet seat open / close
  • Stainless steel nozzle, with multi-level cleaning control

The Shower - Let Elders Enjoy the Bath

Foldaway shower seat, enabling elders enjoy the shower safely and happily.

  • Offering side sprayer bars with mist and back sprayer
  • The height of the two side sprayer bars can be adjusted, suiting different bathing styles
  • The mist spray keeps a warm temperature of the body, making the elderly warm and relax, especially in winter time