Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Most of the nursing homes need to supply meals to a large group of elders at least three times a day. Meanwhile, they have to ensure the food safety and temperature. Therefore, an efficient kitchen set up is very important.

Dealing with dysphagia (swallowing problems), many nursing homes prepare soft food with juicer or blender. Our commercial kitchen equipments are suitable for different needs, supporting the daily food blending process. Also, we provide products which frequently used in elderly hostels, such as steam oven, hot and cold cabinet etc.

Our experienced team provide professional service over 30 years:

  • We tailor-make and provide high quality kitchen equipments to clients, based on their needs and catering environment.
  • We also provide warranty and maintenance services.

Other equipments: Kitchen Chiller, Supermarket Showcase, Hot and Cold Showcase, Wine Cellar, Ice Maker, Kitchen Appliances and other catering-related products.

Existing clients: Kitchens in hotels, Restaurants, Canteens, Bakeries, Nursing homes and Schools.

Practical Application:

Cleaning Equipment

Apart from keeping kitchen’s cleanliness, cleaning mattress, fabric furniture, curtains and floor which all covered in bacteria and dust mites are also important.

German brand KÄRCHER introduces a series of steam vacuum cleaner, solving cleaning problems in our daily life. Steam cleaning can effectively kill bacteria. The high pressure steam can remove the stubborn dirt easily without detergent, and perform the functions of disinfection and vacuuming.

Suitable for different areas in nursing homes: bathroom, ceramic tile, toilet, mattress, fabric furniture, curtain, carpets and floor.