Telecommunication/Audio System

Apart from the office automation and telecommunication equipments, we also supply other outstanding products such as audio system, public address system, and infrared wireless microphones etc.

With different interior designs and partitions, as well as needs of nursing homes, our team will choose the most appropriate audio equipments to our clients, striving for the best possible audio performance.

Our Project includes:

  • Site planning
  • Supplying hardwares/softwares and computer equipments
  • Network cabling
  • Installation and design projects

AV Equipment

Excepting various kinds of AV equipments like televisions, audio players, we also provide service of building multimedia information system, for playing news, activities schedule, photos or daily menu of the nursing homes.

Physical therapists can deliver the interactive physical training with projectors, increasing elders’ interests in exercise.

There are different types of wireless portable speakers with lightweight body, suitable for different locations and outdoor activities.