All-round IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Solution

Air quality plays an important role in avoiding germs spreading and cross-infection. Especially in flu seasons, controlling the spread of germs and viruses can reduce the cases of complication and death rate of the elderly.

Advanced Air Purifying Technology
Ziaino®Air Treatment Unit

  • Efficient Sterilization and Deodorization–Indoor dirty air is drawn into the machine and filtered by the antibacterial filter which is soaked with hypochlorous acid. The air will be sterilized and deodorized through "Gas-Liquid Contact Method".
  • Active Killing of Bacteria and Viruses to Avoid Superinfection. –The volatilized hypochlorous acid mist can effectively kill the bacteria and viruses which is adhering to the room.
  • Safe, Environmental-Friendly & Non corrosive– The Hypochlorous acid is produced by electrolysis of salt solution, and its concentration volatilized in the air (<0.1ppm) is far below the safety standard (0.5ppm).

Photocatalyst Technology

Durable Effectiveness & Easy maintenance

Thanks to the chemical stability, (Titanium Dioxide TiO2)has high performance on Photocatalyst reaction to reduce bacteria and smell in environment. It can be easily maintain by just cleaning & replacing*1 the filter periodically.

*1: Need & frequency for replacement on front filter depends on usage and environment. (Optional)

Energy Recovery Ventilation Technology

  • Making positive indoor air pressure, exhausting polluted air whole day
  • Energy recovery ventilator reduce air conditioner loading by reducing energy loss for cost saving
  • The purification rate of PM2.5 is 99.1%

Practical Application:

Air Conditioning Equipment

Panasonic/Rasonic provides a comprehensive range of air conditioners, from 3/4 HP window type air-conditioner to FSV VRF System. There are also many types of heat pump air-conditioner, stabilizing the room temperature over the seasons. Nursing homes can keep a warm indoor temperature without heaters. Some air-conditioners are with grade 1 energy labels (cooling / heating), 3 years warranty for entire unit and 5 years warranty for compressor.

According to environment and requests of nursing homes, we provide professional opinions, recommending appropriate Panasonic / Rasonic air-conditioners.

About installation, our team has registered the electronic contractor license issued by Electrical and Mechanical Service Department (EMSD). We are also accredited as Minor Works Contractors (Grade II), regarding to the requirement of "Minor Works Control System".

During the construction period, in order to protect the rights and interests of the elderly hostels, engineering personnel will be assigned to monitor if needed.

  • Window Type Air Conditioner
  • Split Type Air Conditioner
  • Cassette Type/ Ceiling Type Air Conditioner
  • Duct Type Air Conditioner
  • FSV VRF System

Practical Application:

Other Ventilation Equipment
Thermo Ventilator, Ventilating Fan and Fan

Thermo ventilator is becoming one of the necessity items in nursing homes’ bathroom. It can control the moisture and keep a warm bathing environment in the winter.