Smart Elderly Monitoring System

Smart Monitoring System

Both of our company and salespersons own security guard licenses (Company License No.: 0017). Based on the condition of nursing homes, we will suggest a cost-efficient and comprehensive planning of our monitoring system, sheltering nursing homes’ property and elders’ safety.

Applicable on nursing homes’ entrance, canteen and activity room.

Video Intercom System

Dealing with shortage of manpower, nursing home’s staffs can check visitors’ identity with our video intercom system, having conversation with them and open the gate to let people in.

Anti-Wandering System

To avoid elderly wandering, nursing homes can monitor indoor situation through Radio Frequency Identification or facial recognition.

SimpliDetect RFID

Through RFID Radio Frequency Identification Technology, SimpliDetect RFID Monitoring System can manage wandering issue in nursing homes. Any unauthorized label will trigger notification. Wall-mounted or gate design are provided, applicable for nursing homes’ environment.